Leena Khanolkar

Chief Operation Officer
With 12 years of experience in operational leadership, Leena excels in streamlining processes and driving efficiency across the organization. Her strategic insights and innovative approach ensure our operations run smoothly and effectively.

Sudheendra Adiga

Chief Marketing Officer
Boasting 15 years of expertise in marketing, Sudheendra Adiga leads our marketing strategies with a creative and analytical mindset. His experience spans across various industries, enabling him to craft compelling campaigns that resonate with our audience.

Leena Desale

National Head - HR & Admin
Leena brings 10 years of comprehensive experience in human resources and administration. Her adeptness in talent management and organizational development plays a crucial role in fostering a positive and productive workplace.

Sanjay Sarvankar

National Head - Product Development
With a decade of experience in product development, Sanjay spearheads our innovation initiatives. His proficiency in product design and execution ensures that our offerings meet the highest standards of quality and customer satisfaction.

Rupali Patil

Senior Sales Manager - Training
Rupali Patil has 8 years of extensive experience in sales training. Her focus on empowering our sales team with the skills and knowledge they need drives our sales performance and growth.

Vrushali Sawal

Support Manager
Vrushali has 8 years of experience in customer support management. Her commitment to delivering exceptional customer service ensures that our clients receive the assistance they need promptly and efficiently.